Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2, June 2021 

Original Article

1. Early growth and dry matter partitioning of yellow passion fruit as affected by time of application and method of poultry manure placement

Pages 101-109


Okorie Okoro Ndukwe; Ibeabuchi Uko; Stella Muojiama; Chinyere Esther Ndukwe; Amanda Uzoma Okoh; Paul Kayode Baiyeri

2. Effect of the co-application of olive waste-based compost and biochar on soil fertility and Zea mays agrophysiological traits

Pages 111-127


Youness Bouhia; Mohamed Hafidi; Yedir Ouhdouch; Mohammed El Mehdi El Boukhari; Youssef Zeroual; Karim Lyamlouli

4. Effect of the application of compost as an organic fertilizer on a tomato crop (Solanum lycopersicum L.) produced in the field in the Lower Valley of the Río Negro (Argentina)

Pages 145-155


Graciela Pellejero; Julieta Palacios; Emanuel Vela; Omar Gajardo; Luis Albrecht; Gabriela Aschkar; Amelia Chrorolque; Francisco J. García-Navarro; Raimundo Jiménez-Ballesta

6. Development of BRS-Pontal beans growing with treated domestic wastewater in protected environment

Pages 167-174


Raimundo Rodrigues Gomes Filho; Silvaneide Lobo da Silva; Clayton Moura de Carvalho; Gregorio Guirado Faccioli; Tatiana Pacheco Nunes; Simone de Oliveira Feitosa; Leonaria Luna Silva de Carvalho

8. Innovations in market crop waste compost production: Use of black soldier fly larvae and biochar

Pages 185-202


Asiwome M. Akumah; Eric K. Nartey; Godfred K. Ofosu-Budu; Ebenezer A Ewusie; Benjamin K. Offei; Noah Adamtey