Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, March 2021 

Original Article

1. Soil aggregation indexes and chemical and physical attributes of aggregates in a Typic Hapludult fertilized with swine manure and mineral fertilizer

Pages 1-17


Guilherme Wilbert Ferreira; Lucas Benedet; Talita Trapp; Andria Paula Lima; Vilmar Muller Junior; Arcângelo Loss; Cledimar Rogério Lourenzi; Jucinei José Comin

3. Valorization of vermicompost with bacterial fermented chicken feather hydrolysate for the yield improvement of tomato plant: A novel organic combination

Pages 29-42


Ishita Biswas; Debasis Mitra; Ansuman Senapati; Debanjan Mitra; Sourav Chattaraj; Murshed Ali; Goutam Basak; Periyasamy Panneerselvam; Pradeep K. Das Mohapatra

Short communication

8. Effect of anaerobic digestion of manure before application to soil – benefits for nitrogen utilization?

Pages 89-99


Bente Foereid; Julia Szocs; Regina J Patinvoh; Ilona Sárvári Horváth