Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, March 2020 

Original Article

1. Greenhouse gas emissions from digestate in soil

Pages 1-19


Maria Dietrich; Monica Fongen; Bente Foereid

2. The influence of compost humic acid quality and its ability to alleviate soil salinity stress

Pages 21-31


S. El hasini; M. De Nobili; M. El. Azzouzi; K. Azim; A. Douaik; M. Laghrour; Y. El idrissi; M. El alaoui El belghiti; A. Zouahri

3. Conversion of food waste via two-stage fermentation to controllable chicken Feed Nutrients by local isolated microorganism

Pages 33-47


Charles Wai Chun Ng; Abdul Fattah Ismail; Muaz Mohd Zaini Makhtar; Muhamad Nabil Fikri Jamaluddin; Husnul Azan Tajarudin

5. Alternative use of rice straw ash as natural fertilizer to reduce phosphorus pollution in protected wetland ecosystems

Pages 61-74


Juan Manuel Carricondo Anton; Juan Andres Gonzalez Romero; Jesus Mengual Cuquerella; Jose Vicente Turegano Pastor; Jose Vicente Oliver Villanueva

8. The effect of composted and non-composted poultry litter on survival and reproduction of Folsomia candida

Pages 99-105


Ana Paula Maccari; Julia Corá Segat; Manuela Testa; Carolina Riviera Duarte Maluche-Baretta; Dilmar Baretta