Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Supplement, Autumn 2019 
7. Ryegrass straw and wood shavings as bulking agents on swine slurry co‑composting: a case study in Southern Brazil

Pages 55-63


Luana Goulart Sardá; Martha Mayumi Higarashi; Paulo Armando Victória de Oliveira; Jucinei José Comin

12. Foliar application of humic liquid extract from vermicompost improves garlic (Allium sativum L.) production and fruit quality

Pages 103-112


D. M. Balmori; C. Y. A. Domínguez; C. R. Carreras; S. M. Rebatos; L. B. P. Farías; F. G. Izquierdo; R. L. L. Berbara; Andrés Calderín García

13. Impacts of diferent organic amendments on soil degradation and phytotoxicity of metribuzin

Pages 113-121


Mohammad Mehdizadeh; Ebrahim Izadi-Darbandi; Mohammad Taghi Naseri Pour Yazdi; Mehdi Rastgoo; Bizhan Malaekeh-Nikouei; Hooriyeh Nassirli

15. The potential of recycling wool residues as an amendment for enhancing the physical and hydraulic properties of a sandy loam soil

Pages 131-143


Ahmed Abdallah; Francesca Ugolini; Silvia Baronti; Anita Maienza; Francesca Camilli; Laura Bonora; Francesca Martelli; Jacopo Primicerio; Fabrizio Ungaro

19. Time‑dependent release of some plant nutrients from diferent organic amendments in a laboratory study

Pages 173-188


Ahana Dey; Prakash Chandra Srivastava; Satya Pratap Pachauri; Arvind Kumar Shukla

22. Enriched animal manure as a source of phosphorus in sustainable agriculture

Pages 203-210


R. F. Almeida; I. D. S. Queiroz; J. E. R. Mikhael; R. C. Oliveira; E. N. Borges

26. Efects of mineral and organic fertilization with the use of wet olive pomace on durum wheat performance

Pages 245-254


Giovanni Lacolla; Stefania Fortunato; Domenica Nigro; Maria Concetta De Pinto; Mario Alberto Mastro; Davide Caranfa; Agata Gadaleta; Giovanna Cucci

31. Design of biogas digester with thermophilic pretreatment for reducing fruits wastes

Pages 291-297


Budy Rahmat; Ida Hodiyah; Apip Supriadi; Memet Hikmat; Gilang Purnama

37. Efect of diferent initial C/N ratio of cow manure and straw on microbial quality of compost

Pages 357-365


M. A. Macias-Corral; J. A. Cueto-Wong; J. Morán-Martínez; L. Reynoso-Cuevas

41. Maximizing rice husk waste for Daucus carota production

Pages 399-406


K. P. Baiyeri; U. P. Chukwudi; C. A. Chizaram; N. Aneke

42. Banana peel biochar as alternative source of potassium for plant productivity and sustainable agriculture

Pages 407-413


Mahmuda Islam; M. Halder; Md. A. B. Siddique; S. A. A. Razir; S. Sikder; J. C. Joardar

43. Efects of termites growth on litter decomposition: a modeling approach

Pages 415-421


Abdourhimou amadou Issoufou; Idrissa Soumana; Garba Maman; Souleymane Konate; Ali Mahamane

46. Upcycling of food industry side streams by basidiomycetes for production of a vegan protein source

Pages 447-455


Jenny Ahlborn; Alexander Stephan; Theresa Meckel; Garima Maheshwari; Martin Rühl; Holger Zorn

51. Feather hydrolysate as a promising nitrogen‑rich fertilizer for greenhouse lettuce cultivation

Pages 493-499


Lisiane Sobucki; Rodrigo Ferraz Ramos; Elci Gubiani; Gustavo Brunetto; Douglas Rodrigo Kaiser; Daniel Joner Daroit

52. Changes on microbial C and enzyme activities in soil with amendment of composted tannery sludge after 9 years

Pages 501-505


Antonio Victor Cavalcante Rocha Silva; Francisco Barbosa de Macedo Junior; Jadson Emanuel Lopes Antunes; João Pedro Alves de Aquino; Regina Maria Silva Sousa; Louise Melo de Souza Oliveira; Ademir Sérgio Ferreira de Araujo