Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2018 
1. Nutrients release from powder phonolite mediated by bioweathering actions

Pages 89-98


Laene de Fátima Tavares; André Mundstock Xavier de Carvalho; André Mundstock Xavier de Carvalho; Samarina Gabriele de Fátima Pereira; Luis Gustavo Brogliato Camargo; Samarina Gabriele de Fátima Pereira; Irene Maria Cardoso

2. Microbial consortium culture and vermi‑composting technologies for recycling on‑farm wastes and food production

Pages 99-108


Girish Chander; Suhas P. Wani; S. Gopalakrishnan; Ankita Mahapatra; Swati Chaudhury; C. S. Pawar; Manoj Kaushal; A. V. R. Kesava Rao

5. Malting barley response to integrated organic and mineral nutrient sources in Nitisol

Pages 125-134


Kassu Tadesse; Asrat Mekonnen; Almaz Admasu; Wubengda Admasu; Dawit Habte; Amare Tadesse; Bahiru Tilahun

8. Mobility of phosphorus from organic and inorganic source materials in a sandy soil

Pages 153-163


Raphael Passaglia Azevedo; Ignacio Hernán Salcedo; Ignacio Hernán Salcedo; Vânia da Silva Fraga; Priscila Alves Lima; Regina Maria Quintão Lana; Vânia da Silva Fraga; Regina Maria Quintão Lana