Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2018 
4. Application of rock phosphate enriched composts increases nodulation, growth and yield of chickpea

Pages 33-40


Allah Ditta; Juma Muhammad; Muhammad Imtiaz; Sajid Mehmood; Zheng Qian; Shuxin Tu

6. Recycling of biogas digestates in plant production: NPK fertilizer value and risk of leaching

Pages 49-58


Trine A. Sogn; Ivan Dragicevic; Roar Linjordet; Tore Krogstad; Vincent G. H. Eijsink; Susanne Eich-Greatorex

9. Physico‑chemical attributes of a Cambisol under pasture managed with annual burns after sugarcane vinasse application

Pages 75-81


Thadeu Rodrigues de Melo; Rogério Resende Martins Ferreira; Rogério Resende Martins Ferreira; João Tavares Filho; Deisi Navroski; Clarissa Tieme Matsuda Feltran; João Tavares Filho

10. Efects of vermicompost and plant growth enhancers on the exo‑morphological features of Capsicum annum (Linn.) Hepper

Pages 83-88


Govindapillai Seenan Rekha; Patheri Kunyil Kaleena; Devan Elumalai; Mundarath Pushparaj Srikumaran; Vellaore Namasivayam Maheswari