Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, June 2017 
7. In-vessel co-composting of yard waste and food waste: an approach for sustainable waste management in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Pages 149-157


Amirhossein Malakahmad; Natasha Binti Idrus; Motasem S. Abualqumboz; Sara Yavari; Shamsul Rahman M. Kutty

9. Dynamics of soil nitrogen availability indices in a sandy clay loam soil amended with animal manures

Pages 167-178


Habeebah Adewunmi Saka; Jamiu Oladipupo Azeez; Joy Nwakaego Odedina; Shade John Akinsete

10. Application of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) to the processing of compost used in the cultivation of button mushroom

Pages 179-188


José Emilio Pardo; José Emilio Pardo; Diego Cunha Zied; Manuel Alvarez-Ortí; Manuel Alvarez-Ortí; Jesús Ángel Peñaranda; Jesús Ángel Peñaranda; Carmen Gómez-Cantó; Carmen Gómez-Cantó; Arturo Pardo-Giménez; Arturo Pardo-Giménez