Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2015 
5. The effect of feeding fresh swine manure, poultry waste, urea, molasses and bakery by-products ensiled for lambs

Pages 273-278


Fernando Martínez San Pedro; Fernando Martínez San Pedro; Ignacio A. Domínguez Vara; Ignacio A. Domínguez Vara; José Luis Bórquez; José Luis Bórquez; Manuel Gonzalez-Ronquillo

6. Cultivable bacterial diversity and early plant growth promotion by the traditional organic formulations prepared using organic waste materials

Pages 279-289


Rangasamy Anandham; Nagaiah Premalatha; Hyeong Jin Jee; Hang Yeon Weon; Soon Wo Kwon; Ramasamy Krishnamoorthy; Pandiyan Indira Gandhi; Yong Ki Kim; Nellaiappan Olaganathan Gopal