Influence of compost and canal clay scouring on sandy soil properties and wheat productivity under Irrigation water regime

Document Type : Original Article


1 Soils and Water Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt

2 Soils and Water Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Al-Azhar University, Assiut, Egypt


Purpose Improving physio-chemical properties under irrigation regime by using natural conditioners to achieve the highest possible crop yield and water productivity.
Method  A field experiment was conducted in a split-plot design with three replicates by addition of canal clay scouring (CS) and compost (CO) during two consecutive growing winter seasons of 2018/19 and 2019/20. The treatments were: control (100% and75% of water requirements), 20 and 40 (ton. ha-1) of CO and 40 and 80 (ton. ha-1) of CS as alone or mixed with each other under drip irrigation.
Results The results showed that soil organic matter and cation exchange capacity increased by increasing the application rates of CO and CS. The lowest values of bulk and hydraulic conductivity were observed at 80 ton. ha-1 CS +40 ton. ha-1 CO. Also, field capacity, wilting point and available water were 20.94,5.97 and5.07%, respectively. The lowest values of ETa were observed at 80 ton. ha-1 CS +40 ton. ha-1 CO under 75% water irrigation requirement in all growth stages. The highest rates of the studied materials as a mixture gave a significant increase in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium contents of grains and straw of wheat crop. The highest yield of straw and grain were 9523.81 and 6428.57 kg ha-1, respectively. Also, it could be observed that the highest percentage of CWP and IWP were 21.05 and 14.53%, respectively, under 75% irrigation water requirement.
Conclusion Application of clay and compost can improve soil physio-chemical properties, water productivity and crop yield under irrigation water regime.


  • Influence of compost and canal clay scouring on sandy soil properties and wheat productivity under irrigation water regime.


  • The addition of organic matter can help plants an additional boost of nutrients by improving the nutrient and water holding capacity of sand soil.


  • Clay is dominated to sandy soil and consider one of the strategies to hold water, clay surfaces have a high capacity for cation exchange and can bind phosphorus.


  • Soil pH slightly increased with increasing the application rate of CS and the opposite was true for compost application as compared to the control treatment.


  • The data also explained that ascending the application's rate of compost was associated with increasing in soil EC.


  • Soil organic matter and CEC were increased significantly by increasing the addition rates of clay scouring or compost.


  • Actual evapotranspiration (ETa) as affected by application rates of compost and clay scouring through wheat growth stages as average values of both seasons under irrigation regime.


  • Concerning the effect of canal clay scouring and compost on macronutrients' content under different levels of moisture content.



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