The effects of different potted mixtures on the growth and development of miniature roses (Rosa ‘Orange Meillandina’)

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Horticultural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Shahrekord University, Iran


Purpose The miniature rose is one of the most important potted flowers. So far, however, no research has focused on its optimal growing medium. This experiment was performed to evaluate the effects of different media on the growth and development of miniature roses.
Method Organic materials including peat moss, cocopeat, and licorice root residue were used alone or in combination. Fifty percent of each medium was field soil (sandy loam) and the other 50% included either peat, cocopeat, licorice residues or combinations of equal ratios including peat + cocopeat, peat + licorice residues, cocopeat + licorice residue
Results The highest values of root and shoot fresh and dry weight, lateral branches length, leaf number, leaf area, relative water content, flower number and appearance quality were observed in 50% peat moss. Meanwhile, the tallest plants were observed in cocopeat bed, the highest root/shoot ratio in Licorice residue, the largest root volume in peat moss+ coco peat mixture and the highest amount of chlorophyll and carotenoid were observed in plants growing on Peat + licorice residue. In terms of length and diameter of the branches, there was no statistically significant difference between the peat and peat + cocopeat treatments.
Conclusion Miniature roses grew best on 50% peat moss + 50% field soil and also on 25% peat moss + 25% cocopeat + 50% field soil. Unlike some plants, miniature roses cannot grow well if peat moss is completely replaced by cocopeat. Licorice residue had a negative effect on plant growth.


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