Investigation of the compost of different organic wastes usage combined with zeolite and perlite on the growth of Codiaeum variegatum cv. Norma

Document Type : Short communication


Department of Horticulture, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Purpose Nowadays various studies have been carried out on the possibility of using different types of organic waste compost as a much cheaper and more affordable alternative to peat moss. In this research, different rates of peat moss, vermicompost, municipal wastes compost and palm waste compost were used in combination with perlite and zeolite on the growth of Codiaeum variegatum cv. Norma.
Methods The physical and chemical characteristics of media, growth indexes of plant and the number of nutritional compounds in the plant were evaluated.
Results The results showed that the highest rate of nitrogen absorption observed in treatment containing peat moss and perlite and combination of this material with zeolite showed better results in the absorption of phosphorus, potassium, iron, and zinc and also had better results in some leaves and dry weight than perlite. Combined treatments of vermicompost with perlite and zeolite, peat moss with perlite and zeolite and also municipal waste compost and perlite showed the best results in different growth indexes of the plant.
Conclusion Based on the results, zeolite can be highly efficient in the substrates due to higher nutrients and desirable physical properties. Also, vermicompost and municipal waste compost due to the availability, desirable characteristics, high nutrient, and lower cost could be the substitute of peat moss for the production of the Croton plant.


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