Efects of poultry manure on soil infltration, organic matter contents and maize performance on two contrasting degraded alfsols in southwestern Nigeria


The Federal University of Technology


Purpose This research work described the efect of organic waste (poultry manure) on soil cumulative infltration rate (CIR), soil organic matter (SOM), and maize performance on two contrasting alfsols of southwestern Nigeria. Methods Six treatments of poultry manure were applied in split at 0 Mg/ha, 2 Mg/ha, 4 Mg/ha, 6 Mg/ha, 8 Mg/ha, and10 Mg/ha, in replicate under a completely randomized design to clay loam (CL) and sandy clay loam (SCL) soils, at 3, 6, 9, and 12 weeks after the initial application. Results The results showed signifcant increases (P