The phytoextraction potential of selected vegetable plants from soil amended with oil palm decanter cake


1 Universiti Sains Malaysia

2 Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Delhi

3 Banaras Hindu University

4 Eco-Science Research Foundation


Purpose The investigation of the phytoextraction potential of three vegetable plants grown in soils amended with decanter cake. Method Pot experiments were conducted to investigate the response of decanter cake composition on the phytoextraction of metals (Mg, Zn, Ni and Cu) by lady’s finger, tomato and brinjal plants. The phytoextraction properties of these plants were determined by calculating the bioconcentration and translocation factors at different decanter cake amendments (10, 20 and 30%). Results Results indicated that in all three plants, there was no transfer of excess metal ions from the control soil or amendments to the fruit portion as evidenced by bioconcentration factor (BCF). In addition, substantial amount of the metals was found to be accumulated in the roots and shoots, which depicts the phytoextraction ability of these vegetable plants. The translocation factors (TF) of the three plants were found to be higher than control plants. The accumulation of metal ions did not exceed the permissible standards for vegetables thus rendering the fruits safe for human consumption. Conclusion On the basis of significant findings, lady’s finger, tomato and brinjal plants were not found to be suitable for phytoextraction of metals as both BCF and TF were not greater than 1.