Simultaneous solidification of potassium and phosphorus using rice straw charcoal and saturated phosphorus adsorbent


1 Prefectural University of Hiroshima

2 Saga University

3 Jessore University of Science and Technology


Phosphorus (P) ore is an expensive and limited resource that will be depleted in a few decades if the current global consumption rate continues. Japan, one of the most developed countries in the world, relies completely on imported phosphate rock for P. Potassium (K) ore, which is equally important for continuous development, is also becoming increasingly expensive. The recovery of P and K is therefore important for continuous and sustainable development. In this study, concentrated P (obtained from eluent) and K (obtained through alkali leaching of rice straw charcoal) were recovered as potassium magnesium phosphate (PMP) through the controlled addition of magnesium (Mg). A PMP crystal was produced when an equimolar (with respect to P) Mg solution was added to the leaching solution (rich in P and K) at a pH range of 11–12. Thus, the production of PMP in a crystalline form demonstrates the huge scope for the recycling of limited resources.