Management of municipal solid wastes and production of liquid biofertilizer through vermic activity of epigeic earthworm Eisenia fetida


DDU Gorakhpur University


Background Animal and municipal solid wastes (MSW) create environmental pollution. It is one of the most challenging problems which require attention. Efforts were made for the conversion and eco-management of animal and municipal wastes into safe and hygienic products by an epigeic earthworm Eisenia fetida. The excess use of chemical fertilizer and synthetic pesticide has changed the texture of soil and its fertility. Result The chemical analysis of different combinations of MSW and animal wastes before and after vermicomposting showed, that there was significant decrease in total organic carbon, C/N ratio and pH in the final vermiwash. The significant increase in the level of total Kjeldahl nitrogen, total potassium, total phosphorus and total calcium was observed after vermicomposting in all the prepared combinations of MSW with different animal dungs. Conclusion It was recorded that due to the vermic activity, the MSW and animal wastes get changed into nutrient rich, ecofriendly, and biofertilizer. The observations reveal that by vermicomposting not only ecofriendly management of MSW can be achieved but also potent vermiwash can be made which are helpful in increasing the production of crops.