The International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture is a double-blind peer-reviewed open access journal. It is fully supported by the Islamic Azad University–Isfahan Branch, who provide funds to cover all costs of publication, including the Article Processing Charges (APC’s) for all authors. Therefore the journal is both free to read and free to publish in.


The journal publishes high-quality original, review and short comment articles, in all areas of recycling of organic waste including:

  • Solid waste reuse in agriculture
  • Waste water reuse in agriculture
  • Utilization of organic wastes: composting
  • Ways to reduce, reuse and recycle organic waste
  • Social and economic impact of reduction, reuse and recycling of organic waste in agriculture
  • Methods to raise the public awareness of recycling and reuse of organic waste in agriculture
  • Organic waste utilization in animal and poultry nutrition
  • Urban food waste composting





Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, Winter 2020 

Original Article

1. Greenhouse gas emissions from digestate in soil

Pages 1-19


Maria Dietrich; Monica Fongen; Bente Foereid

2. The influence of compost humic acid quality and its ability to alleviate soil salinity stress

Pages 21-31


S. El hasini; M. De Nobili; M. El. Azzouzi; K. Azim; A. Douaik; M. Laghrour; Y. El idrissi; M. El alaoui El belghiti; A. Zouahri

3. Conversion of food waste via two-stage fermentation to controllable chicken Feed Nutrients by local isolated microorganism

Pages 33-47


Charles Wai Chun Ng; Abdul Fattah Ismail; Muaz Mohd Zaini Makhtar; Muhamad Nabil Fikri Jamaluddin; Husnul Azan Tajarudin

5. Alternative use of rice straw ash as natural fertilizer to reduce phosphorus pollution in protected wetland ecosystems

Pages 61-74


Juan Manuel Carricondo Anton; Juan Andres Gonzalez Romero; Jesus Mengual Cuquerella; Jose Vicente Turegano Pastor; Jose Vicente Oliver Villanueva

8. The effect of composted and non-composted poultry litter on survival and reproduction of Folsomia candida

Pages 99-105


Ana Paula Maccari; Julia Corá Segat; Manuela Testa; Carolina Riviera Duarte Maluche-Baretta; Dilmar Baretta

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